My Story

I have a big mission; to change the world through feminine leadership and entrepreneurship. And this is my journey about how I arrived to this clarity about my mission.

I’m passionate about inspiring women with new hope, new skills and new thinking to profoundly transform their lives by becoming powerful creators of their life.

So how do I do that?

Well as a Life Coach and Feng Shui Practitioner, I offer online programs, coaching and masterminds where I guide and support women to subtract the non-essentials and untruths from their lives so they can freely be themselves!

My adult life felt like a series of transitions starting with the death of my father, leaving my career, getting divorced, becoming a mother, and getting divorced…yes there were 2!

Those transitions were fueled by a thirst for more meaning and passion in my life.

It wasn’t always this way though.

When I was a child I was full of energy and loved making people laugh and creating “performances” for my family and friends. I was also quite entrepreneurial creating fairs, dog competitions and book clubs with the neighbourhood kids – at a profit I might add!

Life was a magical place full of play and promise.

As I got older, the light-heartedness faded and I placed a lot of value on things and what others thought.

I was set up for failure because of my pleasing nature along with my parent’s high expectations – so to no surprise a perfectionist and over-achiever was born. Which I used to be proud of by the way…

After many years checking off the boxes; degree, a home, and saving money as my parents sat proudly on the sidelines – I started doubting this story of how life was supposed to unfold, the story that was sold to me from the older generations just as it was sold to them.

One failed marriage later, I asked the big question:

Is this all there is to life?

and then things started to shift in a big way!

I sifted through all the messages that were handed down to me from my family, community & society in general and I decided whether I believed them or not.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

You need to work hard to make money

Be seen and not heard

I soon realized “the more I know the less I know” and I reconnected to that magical world I had thrived in as a young child – the place full of possibilities.

Although dormant for many years, I immersed myself in more fun and play. Always being a sensitive person, I began reconnecting with my intuitive side – the side that had always been there but that I had brushed aside.

Through a series of health issues, divorces and general unhappiness my spiritual journey began.

Alternative health methods came first followed by my first deck of angel cards. Oprah Winfrey and many self-help books found their way into my life. Psychic readings, meditation groups, smudging and fire walking. A whole new world came forth as I began “seeking” more out of life!

Feng Shui appeared in my late 20’s and I experienced firsthand the power between me and my environment. The concept of “Energy” entered my life and I have been fascinated with all aspects of it ever since.

My life became a Petri dish of experimentation.

I realized that I wanted to continue to help people – specifically women, in a different way than I had in the past.

I wanted to take what I had learned for myself and share it with other women to help support and nourish them too.

What started out as a hobby has now become my business, which focuses on helping women declutter their life on a physical, mental and spiritual level so they can create a clear path forward to a life they love!



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