Everyone has their unique gifts to offer the world. Some call it their "Bubble of Awesomeness." Here are what these incredible women have to say about mine as a Feng Shui Practitioner, Business Strategist, Life Coach and Mastermind Facilitator and Soul Sista:

Online Home Learning Program

Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge

The amount of thought Leigh Ann has put into this program is very apparent; the visual simplicity of the handouts and the website is very welcoming, the depth of content is not too much to handle but still enough to get me excited to go further…Leigh Ann’s voice and nurturing nature is also so key in this type of program…I feel “safe and secure” as I delve into this transformation…and being praised along the way is appreciated as well. Leigh Ann has really done something very special here. I will be recommending this to everyone I can. Thank you!

Jody Blaser
Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge Participant

As a mom and entrepreneur I am busy gal. I love to get involved and tend to take on too much and burn myself out.  With this course I could see how I perpetuate my own busyness. Leigh Ann helped me look at various aspects of my life and reframed how I make choices and manage my time.  One of the biggest things I am doing now is putting myself and my needs in my daily schedule.  She showed me how to simplify and create a calm space in which to live and work.  Everyone needs to take this course, we all suffer from ‘busy lives’ and we all can change that with our choices.

Ronna Schneberger
Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge Participant

Leigh Ann is an incredible woman and a truly gifted facilitator. I recently took her Busy Your Busy Badge Challenge and it was an amazing class like no other. In this Challenge, Leigh Ann offers practical information and exercises that will allow you to prioritize what is most important in your life and how to achieve it. The exercises will elevate and simplify your life in the ways you want and at the same time, you will be having so much fun! Leigh Ann weaves in elements of Feng Shui, meditation, decluttering, gratitude and connection with others. Leigh Ann and the wisdom she shares has been a tremendous gift to my life.

Jennifer Rodney
Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge Participant

Online & In-person Coaching 

Design Your Life Program

This program changed my life!

Participant, Design Your Life 90 Day Coaching Program

Working with Leigh Ann was truly a blessing and a transformational journey.  Her guidance was firm, and yet very gentle.  Having just finished my three month experience, I feel I still have much information to digest and process…. however the changes that I was most wishing for in my life have already taken palpable, visible shape.  Leigh Ann is a wonderful, inspiring guide with a huge resource base, amazing intuitive foundation and a very nurturing heart.

Participant, Design Your Life 90 Day Coaching Program

My biggest success is knowing that I deserve to be happy and successful! I now see how the belief that “I am not enough” has played out in my life and I am choosing new empowering beliefs instead. I have the tools I need to shift that in my day-to-day life and that is empowering. I feel more relaxed and am living more in the moment.  I also asked my husband what changes he noticed in me after taking the 90 Day Design Your Life Coaching program and he had this to say, “You are more patient and deal with things more effectively and rationally. I see that you are more loving and you don’t sweat the small stuff anymore."

Participant, Design Your Life 90 Day Coaching Program

Since completing Leigh Ann’s Design Your Life Coaching program, the most significant overall transformation I’ve noticed is that I am more open to receiving and trusting in the universe versus trying to control everything. I have more confidence in myself and I’m more aware of my limiting belief patterns around "worthiness." I now use the tools I learned in this program to shift my mindset so “feeling not good enough” is no longer running my life. I have also committed to investing in myself with a daily practice so I can fill myself up first and by taking more time for me.

Participant, Design Your Life 90 Day Coaching Program

Business Coaching

Leigh Ann is a woman of deep authenticity, passion & strength. She is also one of the most skilled & intuitive coaches I’ve worked with. I strongly recommend Leigh Ann to anyone looking to take their lives to the next level.

Christie Ruffino
Best-selling Author, Divergent Business Strategist & Breakthrough Speaker

I’m Leigh Ann’s biggest fan! Working with her has validated the major shift I have made in my business was the right one. Now I have the  tools to ensure my business is profitable and impactful and I have  clarity on what slows me down. For example, I can clearly see what  instantly takes me off track and have the tools to avoid it.

Fia-Lynn Crandall
Master Intuitive

As an entrepreneur I struggled to identify my niche market. How was I different, special, and unique? That’s when I got clarity on a coaching call with Leigh Ann Betts and in one hour she nailed the niche that matched my superpower! Thank you, Leigh Ann

Dr. Elaine Christine Ph.D.

Life Coaching

Leigh Ann is a true gem. She is inspiring, practical, fun at the same  time being a woman of absolute integrity. Leigh Ann is the most  organized person I know and brings a lot of warmth and true care in  the support she gives. She is lit up by others successes and not only  sees but pulls out the best in you so you can see it too. Her gift of empowerment and her ease at teaching leave you with real  positive change in the areas of your life that matter most. Thank you  Leigh Ann for your wisdom and light.

Dr. Monika Herwig
Naturopathic Doctor

Working with Leigh Ann is an experience of harmony: coming into  harmony with yourself, your true nature, and aligning your life to  match who you really are. She made the process so easy and natural  that I hardly noticed I was learning!  I was just having fun.  And  then, voila!  All of a sudden I was in a new realm of insight and  understanding myself at a whole new level. I have been using the  tools that she taught me daily. I recommend working with Leigh Ann  to anyone who desires to live more according to their nature. Thank  you Leigh Ann!

Karen McMullen
Founder of Live Your Genius Inc.

Leigh Ann Betts is one of the most balanced people I know. Of her many  gifts, balance is the key concept which underlies her persona. She is an  attuned listener who also knows when and how to speak to the heart of a  matter. She shares her message in a way which is both direct and compassionate, often using simple yet powerful questions to guide the  process. I have experienced great insights in brainstorming and reflecting  with her and have also observed her lead others to deep self-discovery.

Leigh Ann’s energy level is high yet calm, grounded yet lighthearted, and  over and over I have seen this draw people to her. Her presence creates a  sense of safety. Broad knowledge about her field is balanced by her  strong intuition and her passion to share her gifts. She is flexible yet also knows how to set boundaries. I have felt and seen Leigh Ann’s deep caring about my wellbeing and that of every single person she works with. That has given me  courage and hope when I needed it. Even as she gives freely to others, she teaches and models the importance of self-care as well Leigh Ann is a master teacher with a joyful heart. I would place my life in her hands.

Anne Moriarty
Certified Expert Professional Life Coach

Thank you so much Leigh Ann, thank you for helping to open up my  heart.   I so much appreciate the time you spent with me. I feel it was very  valuable. What a gift you provide to shine this light on who we truly are.

Dr. Jennifer Brown
Naturopathic Doctor

Feng Shui Consultations

With Leigh Ann’s guidance I have been able to clear not only my physical  space but more importantly (and unexpectedly) I can see my life more  clearly. Now I am more aware of how I am in relationship with the  people in my life, my personal space, objects and even my career. I now make decisions more easily and I can think more clearly.  My relationship  with my husband has deepened and so has my connection with dear friends and my community. I also shifted my career to my truest calling. I absolutely recommend working with Leigh Ann if you feel stuck, drained, overwhelmed, unsatisfied or disconnected. Working with Leigh Ann has been extremely energizing and empowering.

Tracy Laval
Cranial Sacral Therapist

Thank you so much for your Feng Shui Consultation, we will continue to happily recommend you to people we think need your skill. Such positive changes in our workspace. We found you tremendously informative and helpful. Our whole team environment has improved.

Multidimensional Life
Health & Wellness

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